WMFC Highlights

WMFC Booth a Hit With Families at Annual Parkapalooza Event

It was a beautiful day along the shores of Sanford Lake...clear blue skies and warm temperatures. It was the perfect kind of day to have a picnic, sit by the lakeshore and make family memories. This is exactly what over 5000 people did on that sunny day in early September at this years annual Parkapalooza event. Every September, West Midland Family Center (WMFC) attends Parkapalooza to staff activities for families during the day long event.

“For years we have been hosting a raffle for great prizes, and a treasure hunt,” explained Renee Allen, WMFC Parkapalooza Chair, “We started doing this as a community outreach for the many families who attend this event.” Treasure hunt teams scour the park looking for answers to clues. When the teams complete the hunt by finding all the answers they return to the WMFC booth and are registered in the end of the day Treasure Hunt Raffle.

“Each year we change the theme of the treasure hunt. We try to make it fun, but educational for those who participate. The last two hunts have been trivia questions about the State of Michigan,” continued Allen, “The WMFC Treasure Hunt has become a staple at this event and something that the families look forward to us having for them year after year.”

This year WMFC added a Western Photo Booth to their activity offerings. “It was fun to watch people of all ages dress up and take pictures of one another,’ commented Allen. “Every year we see an increase in the number of people who participate in our activities,” explained Allen, “over 400 people participated in our raffle and treasure hunt this year and that number does not include all those who dropped by to take pictures in our Western Photo Booth! We really enjoy being here for the community,” continued Allen, “ and we hope to continue to participate in Parkapalooza for many years to come, as it has become a tradition for us to be here.”