WMFC Highlights

Michigan Baseball Foundation Donates New Equipment

WMFC recently upgraded it’s batting cage equipment thanks to a generous $4000 grant that was received from the Michigan Baseball Foundation. New flooring, cage, safety screens, batting cage equipment and a pitching machine were purchased.

“We have had a very successful batting cage program for the past 11 years., “explained former WMFC Recreation Director, Renee Allen, “ Those who have used our cage over the years have taken such good care of our equipment, but everything needs replacing sooner or later. It was wonderful to get the grant to do that this year!” “The cage has served WMFC well over the years,” continued Allen, “It have given us a source of revenue, it has drawn new people to the Center and most importantly, it has exposed less privileged children to the sport of baseball and softball and has given them a place to practice ball inside when the weather turns nasty. Children in this area don’t typically have access to facilities like ours,” continued Allen. “Many times they don’t have a means of travel to get to a facility in town or, if they do, they don’t have the financial means to pay to use a batting cage.

Having a facility like this is a huge “plus” for them.” “Those who participated in Summer Family Fridays this summer, took full advantage of the new equipment,”commented Stacey Urbani, current WMFC Recreation Director. “Families spent hours hitting in the cage.” This coming fall the batting cage will once again be a busy place. “We plan to use the batting cage in our after school program and this winter we will continue to host free open batting cage hours for kids and adults. In September we will start getting calls from the area teams wanting to reserve time in the cage this winter,” continued Urbani. “I don’t see the demands on the cage slowing down any time soon!”

Pictures of Newly Updated WMFC Batting Cage