WMFC Highlights

West Midland Family Center Receives $10,000 from Consumers Energy

The Consumerís Energy Company has granted support for West Midland Family Centerís (WMFC) 3ís Preschool program. The $10,000 grant will be applied to offset the costs of preschool education for three-year-old children attending 3ís Preschool at WMFC. Children attending this program receive academic and social skills enhancement while their families become connected to all manner of family support services. The 3ís Preschool provides parents with an outstanding introduction to the benefits of early childhood education and typically, 99% of parents with three-year-old students enroll their child in the WMFC 4ís preschool class once the child has completed the 3ís class.

The food giveaway made for a very busy day at the West Midland Family Center. People lined up outside the Center as early as 5:30 a.m. in hopes of signing up to receive some much needed relief from the economy. Cars filled the Center parking lots, and any lawn space or spot along the road, that could possibly accommodate a vehicle. People lined the halls throughout the day and rooms were ďstanding room onlyĒ as people took refuge inside from the early morning rain. Council on Aging set up large pots of coffee for those who awaited the 1p.m. food giveaway start time.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of West Midland Family Center and all the children that will reap the benefits, West Midland Family Center extends a heartfelt thank you to the Consumers Energy Company as they partner in the lives of young children. WMFC is ever grateful for the generosity displayed by Consumers Energy Company in support of this important work.

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