WMFC Highlights

New Bowling Center and Incoming Recreation Supervisor Strike it Right with WMFC Families

There is a new face with a brilliant smile and a warm embrace at the West Midland Family Center (WMFC)! Chelsea Davis, who hails from Mt. Pleasant and recently graduatedfrom Central Michigan University with a major in Recreation and Event Management, and a minor in Child Development, has taken over the reins as Recreation and Building Supervisor. Chelsea’s passions make her the perfect fit for the Center. “I love working with young people and through recreation, I found a way to positively impact people in the hope of making a difference in their lives."

Chelsea is excited about taking the lead with WMFC Recreation. “I was excited when I learned there might be an opportunity for me to work at the Center. Having heard about the great changes and the new recreation opportunities at the Center, I really wanted to be a part of all that.”

“I hope to bring innovative ideas to WMFC,” continued Davis. “I’d like to see a garden where children can learn more about growing their own vegetables. I would also like to introduce different forms of kickball, different tag games and themed weeks that really get the kids excited about spending time at WMFC. Through recreation we can teach children new things in a creative way.”

“We will be working hard to bring a competitive, fun basketball league back to WMFC,” stated Davis. “I also plan on adding exciting new recreational opportunities such as family game nights and holiday themed programming for the community.” “The Bowling Center is our newest recreation activity that has the entire community buzzing! It has SIX different games to choose from,” explained Davis. “People may call ahead to reserve hour long time slots for a max of six people per lane. Cost is $10 per hour per lane, which includes shoe rental. Birthday party reservations must made at least two weeks in advance,” continued Davis. “We will also have senior bowling opportunities in the mornings on Monday’s and Wednesday’s when the Greendale Senior Services Center is open.”

“I am working with the various WMFC departments, as well as the community as a whole, to create more recreational opportunities that everyone wants and for everyone to enjoy. I’ve always wanted to be a part of an organization whose focus is on changing people’s lives and, at its very core, that is what the Center is all about,” concluded Davis.