WMFC Highlights

Consumers Power Gives Away Bikes to Needy Families

Recently Consumers Energy held a week long leadership training for their work crews. Crews were divided into 3 teams that worked together to complete leadership exercises. During the last day of training each crew assembled two bikes that would be given away to organizations that work with needy families.

"We called the United Way to ask if there were organizations that could benefit from some new bikes," explained Tom Begin, Consumers Energy Community Services Reginal Manager East, "The United Way said that they knew just the organizations for us to contact... that is how we got the names of the three organizations that are here today;the West Midland Family Center, the Railway Family Center and the North Midland Family Center."

Renee Allen, WMFC Marketing and Publicity Director, accepted the donation of the 2 bikes for the West Midland Family Center. "I do not know if any of you know of someone who is unable to pay their propane bill or cannot get to a doctors appointment because they don't own a car or have anyone to take them...these are the people that WMFC serves,"explained Allen during the bike presentation. "WMFC would like to thank Consumers Energy for their generous donation. These bikes are going to the homes of needy families. They will put big smiles on two children who, most likely have never owned a bike, much less a new one," explained Allen.

Each bike also came with one child's safety helmet. The 6 safety helmets were also donated by Consumers Energy.

Consumers Energy Bike Giveaway Picture Collage